[Hope·Embark] Ultimate Happiness Is Absolutely Possible 终极幸福绝对可能

Is it possible for all living beings to achieve ultimate happiness? Buddha has given us a satisfying and convincing answer: “It is absolutely possible! Why is that so? Because all livings beings have an inclination to be liberated from suffering and achieve happiness. It is such kind of ability that will propel everyone to seek out, how do I reach a state in which there is not a single bit of misery, and has eternal happiness in life? There are countless Buddhas that have already fully realised that dream!

所有的生命有没有终极幸福的可能性呢? 佛陀给出了令我们心悦诚服的答案:是绝对可能的! 为什么呢? 因为所有的生命都有离苦得乐的趋向性。 就是这样的能力,会促使大家去寻觅,如何达到那没有一丝丝痛苦,永恒快乐的生命境界? 有无数的佛陀都已圆满实现了那个梦!

《希望·新生》【四季法语】冬 #339 Winter · Four Seasons Words of Wisdom [Hope·Embark]

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