Mindfulness of Body·Mind·Spirit

Your Life Is an Expression of Your Mind. 😊📿💙

About M.B.M.S


Awaken Individual's Body 身 · Mind 心 · Spirit 灵


Nurture our Body 养身,
Cultivate our Mind 观心,
Unleash our Spirituality 修灵.

About Me


BSc(CIS) NUS, MBA UWA, BLI (ThinkBuzan), ACTA (WSQ), Blended/OMO Coach (BLC), CC (TMI)

Your life is an expression of your mind. Nothing is real. That which is real is no-thing.


Areas of Practice

QL Fit 雀跃气

Nurture the Body 养身

QL Mindfulness 雀跃禅

Cultivate the Mind 观心

QL Meditation 雀跃悟

Unleash the Spirituality 修灵