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Your Life Is an Expression of Your Mind. 😊📿💙

About M.B.M.S


Awaken Individual's Body 身 · Mind 心 · Spirit 灵


Nurture our Body 养身,
Cultivate our Mind 观心,
Unleash our Spirituality 修灵.

Who Am I?

Radiance Advocate

BSc(CIS) NUS, MBA UWA, BLI (ThinkBuzan), ACTA (WSQ), Blended/OMO Coach (BLC), CC (TMI)

Your life is an expression of your mind. No-thing is real. That which is real is merely dependent arising due to the nature of emptiness.


Areas of Practice

QL Fit 雀跃气

Nurture the Body 养身

QL Mindfulness 雀跃禅

Cultivate the Mind 观心

QL Meditation 雀跃悟

Unleash the Spirituality 修灵