[Hope·Embark] The Climber 攀登者

When we carry our simple backpack, to conquer the peak of the scriptures, we are stuck at a high level for a very long time due to the bottleneck of physical strength and stamina. Exhausted and unable to to climb anymore, the air is thin and it’s difficult to endure the hunger and cold, the chilling wind becomes your combat robe on you and the blowing snow becomes your only food on your lips. Moreover, the peak that you want to reach, is not visible in the deep end of the space. Warrior! Do not despair, kindly concentrate and pay attention to your heart! On the lotus mat within you heart, Sarasvatī, with her heavenly robe flying with the wind, is carrying her musical instrument (vina) and playing the undying song. Warrior! Do not despair, kindly listen attentively, in the vast and extensive space, the war drums are spread all over and playing aloud. On the wide and extensive ground, the flowers that are earnestly looking forward to you in fetching the elixir dew, are blooming with a strong fragrance.

当我们背起简单的行囊,去征服教典的高峰,体力与耐力的瓶颈,长久地卡在一个高度,困顿地无法攀登时,空气稀薄,饥寒难耐,寒风成了你披着的战袍 ,飞雪成了你唇边唯一的食物。 而你要达到的顶峰,在不可见的虚空深处。 勇士啊! 不要绝望,请凝神钦心! 在你心中的莲花月垫上,妙音天女天衣飘举,抱着她的乐琴,正为你弹奏着无死之歌;勇士啊! 不要绝望,请侧耳倾听! 辽阔的虚空中,遍布着为你播响的战鼓;广阔的大地上,殷殷渴盼你采回不死甘露的鲜花,正浓烈芬芳地盛开。

《希望·新生》【四季法语】秋 #216 Autumn · Four Seasons Words of Wisdom [Hope·Embark]

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