[Hope·Embark] Overcoming Suffering Is Precisely Happiness 超越痛苦便是喜悦

The sufferings of the body and mind, at times through cultivation and practice, can suddenly develop a feeling that they can be overcome. At that very instant, you feel that you have overcome it, as though the sufferings have suddenly disappeared, filling the heart with emotions of being moved and joy.

身心上的痛苦,有的时候透过修行,可以产生忽然超越它的感觉。 那么一个瞬间,你觉得超越了它,就好像痛苦突然消失了,内心充满了感动和喜悦。

《希望·新生》【四季法语】冬 #286 Winter · Four Seasons Words of Wisdom [Hope·Embark]

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