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[Hope·Embark] Our Mind Is In Charge Of Suffering And Happiness 苦乐自心作主

Who is the one in charge of one’s own misery or happiness? Practitioners must be in charge of ourselves. Do you want a life filled with misery, degrading, despair, and pessimism? Or a life with delight, compassion and wisdom? The decision is in our hands. Just like a strong arm which has been well-trained, when our mind has gone through training of wisdom, and it becomes stronger by the day. It will certainly becomes much easier to transform misery and sorrow to a mind stream of purity and calmness in our mind. We will also increase our ability to help others abandon their pain and suffering.

这一生是苦恼还是快乐,谁来作主? 修行人要自己作主。 要过苦恼,堕落,绝望,乃至悲观的一生,还是欣喜,慈悲,智慧的一生,抉择权完全在自己手里。 就像训练有力的手臂,透过心智的训练,当心越来越有力的时候,不但自己容易化苦恼为清凉,也能有力地支援他人离开痛苦。

《希望·新生》【四季法语】冬 #292 Winter · Four Seasons Words of Wisdom [Hope·Embark]

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