[Hope·Embark] Letting Go Of Self Can Gain Great Ease 舍自能得大自在

“Loving yourself is the cause of suffering, and loving all living beings is the cause of happiness”, Buddha has said this statement more than 2,500 years ago, do we believe it or not? After we believe, can we bear to let go of ourselves at critical times? If you can bear to let go, you would have won! Now that you can’t bear to let go, at the end when the Death Lord comes he will also take away everything, and nothing can be left behind. Hence, it’s still to better to let go earlier, and gain sense of ease earlier!

「爱自己就是痛苦的因,爱众生就是快乐的因」,这句话佛在两千五百多年前已经讲了,我们信不信呢? 信了之后,到关键时刻舍不舍得放下自己? 舍得下你就赢了! 现在舍不下,到最后死主来时也是都拿走了,什么也留不下。 所以还是早一点舍,就早一点自在!

《希望·新生》【四季法语】秋 #222 Autumn · Four Seasons Words of Wisdom [Hope·Embark]

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