Daily 1 Min Meditation 171106

【Relying on the Teacher】- Benevolence of Buddha Dharma

Speaking of the benevolence of Buddha Dharma, ah! It is remarkable and extraordinary! This benefit is so great – all of our mundane and supramundane goodness arises from Buddha Dharma. For both mindfulness and gratitude, we need to repeatedly keep them in mind to experience and recognize them, to feel and identify them. Even for minor tasks, we often think, “What do I owe him? Nonetheless, I presented this [offering] to him!” This perception is really unfavorable, very unfavorable! Very unfavorable, very unfavorable! Of course, when applying average worldly perception or standard, you did pay for it or even say, “This is the way I am, what can he do about me? There is just nothing he can do to me.” Honestly speaking, this attitude is totally harming you. Once you know how to appreciate others’ kindness, you yourself actually benefit in the end, well! How ingenious! [The benefit] is yours; it will all come back to you.

Venerable Richang – English Lamrim Volume 1, P77



日常法师——17A 11:13~12:16手抄稿第三册P08-LL2

Kamil Szybalski

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