Daily 1 Min Meditation 170919

【Mind intent on liberation】- Can attachment be satisfied?

That is for any of the [six] realms, any of the realms, we have gone through it innumerable times. We have experienced every sort of pleasure, every sort of good thing. But after we had possessed these, I am sorry, were our attachments satisfied? Sorry, we were not, instead [the craving] increased. Ah, and so the sufferings are also as such, also as such! It is precisely because you are attached, that is why you will have to experience the suffering. It is because we are not satiated that we will have to experience the suffering. And, when we are in the cyclic existence, “There is no living being that has not slept in their bellies.” What does this mean? That is living beings are all mother and child to each other. There are immeasurable beings in the world with no boundary. But again, because we have lived and died countless times, hence we have all been a mother and child to others. There isn’t anyone, you absolutely cannot find one living being who is an exception to this. All of the living beings have been a mother and a child to all other living beings. [It has occurred] this many times! As a result ? I am sorry, we are still not satisfied. We also won’t be able to leave [the cyclic existence].

Venerable Richang – English Lamrim Volume 1, P283



日常法师——70B 23:09~24:17手抄稿第九册P205 L4

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