Upcoming Meatless Burger Tastier Than Real One!

Great News for SGeans Vegetarians! 

Vegetarian, but tastes like meat (Photo: Impossible Foods)

The United Nations in 2010 warned that a global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the impact of climate change.
Western tastes for diets rich in meat and dairy products are unsustainable as the global population moves towards a predicted 9.1 billion people by 2050, said the report from United Nations Environment Programme’s international panel of sustainable resource management.

Richard Branson

British entrepreneur

“I believe that in 30 years or so we will no longer need to kill any animals and that all meat will either be clean or plant-based, taste the same and also be much healthier for everyone,” he said.


It will be at least another six to nine months before Impossible Foods’ cow-less meat patties hit Singapore, but it has already got some investors excited about it. Singapore’s own Temasek Holdings led a US$75 million (S$101m) investment round this year.

The company has also been backed by Bill Gates and Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures.

Heard about it online some time ago. I can’t wait to lay my hands to try one! I shall give you an update comparing it with VeganBurg. ????????????

In Singapore soon? The ‘impossible’ burger that’s meatier than real meat

Created in the lab by a Silicon Valley start-up, this plant-based patty is touted as a sustainable “future food”. But does it taste like the real thing? Talking Point finds out (Updated: ) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via E-Mail SINGAPORE: If it looks like a beef burger, smells unmistakably like one and tastes like one – does that make it a burger?

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