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Stupas and Temples frequently feature artwork scenes from the Jataka Tales

The Garland of Birth Stories: When I see the form of my misconduct clear in the mirror of the teachings I develop a feeling of regret and turn my mind toward the teachings.


Bhutanese painted thangka of the Jātakas

18th-19th Century, Phajoding Gonpa, Thimphu, Bhutan

  The word “Jataka” means “birth” in both the Pali and Sanskrit languages. The Jataka tales, among the oldest and best known of Buddhist texts, refers to stories of the past lives of Siddhartha Gautama before he became the Buddha in his final life.

Download includes:

              1. The Jataka by E. B. Cowell 1895 Volume I-VI Text ZIP

              2. Jātakamālā or Garland of Birth Stories by Āryaśūra PDF, EPUB

              3.  《菩萨本生鬘论》 简体 PDF, 繁体 PDF

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  4. 《菩薩本生鬘論》- 福智全球資訊網
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