Qing Kangyur《清藏》

《大方广佛华严经》夜摩宫中偈赞品 Avatamsaka Sūtra – Eulogies in the Palace of the Suyama Heavens


下载 大方广佛华严经卷第十九《夜摩宫中偈赞品第二十》偈颂 PDF
Download Avatamsaka Sūtra – Book Twenty Eulogies in the Palace of the Suyama Heaven Verses PDF

《大方广佛华严经》净行品 Avatamsaka Sūtra – Purifying Practices


Manjushri said to Chief in Knowledge, “Excellent, 0 Child of Buddha! You have asked this out of a desire to benefit many, to bring peace to many, out of pity for the world, to profit and gladden celestial and human beings . Child of Buddha, if enlightening beings use their minds properly, they can attain all supreme qualities, can have a mind unhin­dered in regard to all enlightening teachings, can remain on the Path of the Buddhas of past, present, and future, never leaving it even while living in the midst of sentient beings, can comprehend the characteris­tics of all things, cut off all evil and fulfill all good. They will be physically most excellent, like Samantabhadra; all of their practical vows they will be able to fulfill, and will be free in all ways, and will be guides for all sentient beings. How can they usc their minds so as to attain all supreme sublime qualities?

下载 大方广佛华严经卷第十四《净行品第十一》偈颂 PDF
Download Avatamsaka Sūtra – Book Eleven Purifying Practices Verses PDF

《大方广佛华严经》 Avatamsaka Sūtra

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Known in Chinese as Hua-yen and in Japanese as Kegon-kyo, the Avatamsaka Sutra, or Flower Ornament Scripture, is held in the highest regard and studied by Buddhists of all traditions. Through its structure and symbolism, as well as through its concisely stated principles, it conveys a vast range of Buddhist teachings.
PDF eBook download – The Flower Ornament Scripture A Translation Of The Avatamsaka Sutra By Thomas Cleary