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Lamrim 《广论》

第五十三回 拜普贤菩萨

[善财童子五十三参][English] 第五十三回 拜普贤菩萨


Then the great enlightening being Universally Good, thus explaining courses of eons, as many eons as atoms in the untold buddha-lands in the succession of worlds, went on to make a vow:


第五十二回 拜弥勒菩萨

[善财童子五十三参][English] 第五十二回 拜弥勒菩萨


“Therefore when you go to Manjushri, do not be faint-hearted, do not become weary in receiving instruction in all virtues. Why? All the spiritual benefactors you have seen, all the ways of practice you have heard, all the modes of liberation you have entered, all the vows you have plunged into, should all be looked upon as the empowerment of Manjushri; and Manjushri has reached the ultimate perfection.”


[善财童子五十三参][English] 第五十一回 拜德生童男有德童女


“We know this enlightening liberation of illusoriness. How can we know the practice or tell of the virtues of the enlightening beings who follow the extensive network of the endless illusion of action?”


第五十回 拜寂静婆罗门

[善财童子五十三参][English] 第五十回 拜寂静婆罗门


Shivaragra said, “I act on a vow of truth, that as by truth, by speaking truth, there has never been, is not now, and never will be, a single enlightening being who has turned away from supreme perfect enlightenment, who is turning away, or who will turn away, by that vow of truthful speech this work of mine may succeed. So whatever I wish comes to fruition. By this vow of truth, I accomplish all my tasks. It is this vow of truth that I know. How can I know the practice or tell the virtues of the enlightening beings whose words and deeds mutually accord in truth?


第四十八回 拜妙月长者

[善财童子五十三参][English] 第四十八回 拜妙月长者


Suchandra said, “I have attained an enlightening liberation called light of undefiled knowledge. I only know this liberation. How can I know the practice or tell of the virtues of the enlightening beings who have attained infinite liberation?


第四十七回 拜坚固解脱长者

[善财童子五十三参][English] 第四十七回 拜坚固解脱长者


Muktasara said, “I know an enlightening liberation called supernal manifestation of unobstructed mindfulness, and I ceaselessly seek the Teaching at the feet of all buddhas in the ten directions. I only know this enlightening liberation. How can I know the practice or tell the virtue of the enlightening beings who roar the fearless roar of the lion, who are grounded on great virtue and knowledge?


第四十六回 拜贤胜优婆夷

[善财童子五十三参][English] 第四十六回 拜贤胜优婆夷



“It is this doctrine of the baseless sphere that I know. How can I know all the unobstructed, unattached practices of enlightening beings? Go south—there is a city called Bharukaccha, where there lives a goldsmith named Muktasara. Go ask him how an enlightening being is to learn and carry out the practice of enlightening beings.”


第四十五回 拜遍友童子师

[善财童子五十三参][English] 第四十五回 拜遍友童子师


“As I pronounce the phonemes, I enter immeasurable, innumerable doors of transcendent wisdom, beginning with these forty-two. I have attained this enlightening liberation with higher knowledge of arts, and it is this I know. How can I know the practice or tell the virtues of enlightening beings who have attained perfection of all mundane and transcendental arts, inasmuch as they have no barrier, no doubt, no confusion, no uncertainty, no hesitation, no ignorance, no difficulty, no impairment, no frustration, no lack of knowledge, and no misunderstanding in regard to the subject matters of all arts—all writing and mathematics, all applied sciences of spells and herbs, all the bases of obsession, psychotherapy, epilepsy, lameness, and insanity, the science of compounding medicines, chemistry, mineralogy, the making of parks, groves, villages, towns, and cities, knowledge of the vicissitudes of the world through astronomy, physiognomy, geomancy, meteorology, agronomy, and prediction of trends of events, and the analysis, communication, understanding, and actualization of all transmundane phenomena.