[Meditative·Serenity] 由止力无动,由观故如山

[Meditative·Serenity] 由止力无动,由观故如山


(d) Why it is necessary to cultivate both

Introduction to Lamrim’s Serenity & Insight







《广论》 P341LL1-P342L2;广论止观初探0020



As the Moon Lamp Sutra says:

The power of meditative serenity makes your mind steady;

insight makes it like a mountain.

So, the mark of meditative serenity is that your attention stays right where it is placed without distraction from the object of meditation.

The mark of insight is that you know the reality of selflessness and eliminate bad views such as the view of self;

your mind is like a mountain in that it cannot be shaken by opponents.

Therefore, you should distinguish these two marks.

Lamrim Chenmo Vol.3 Pg20LL13-LL4

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