[Meditative·Serenity] 总摄止观次第决定之理

[Meditative·Serenity] 总摄止观次第决定之理


(e) How to be certain about their order

Introduction to Lamrim’s Serenity & Insight








《广论》 P345LL02-LL01;广论止观初探0031


  For Asanga’s Levels of Yogic Deeds says:

Moreover, you can accurately know the reality of the truths from suffering to path,

without having attained the first meditative stabilization, etc.

As soon as this knowledge of the truths occurs, you stabilize your mind and do not analyze phenomena.

Based on this higher wisdom, you pursue the practice of higher states of consciousness.

Lamrim Chenmo Vol.3 Pg25LL02-Pg26L06

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