[Meditative·Serenity] 依师多闻正修止观

[Meditative·Serenity] 依师多闻正修止观


(d) Why it is necessary to cultivate both

Introduction to Lamrim’s Serenity & Insight












《广论》 P343L9-12;广论止观初探0024



Also, the Scriptural Collection of the Bodhisattvas says:

    Those who are unlearned in the contents of the Scriptural Collection of the Bodhisattvas,

unlearned in the discipline of the noble teaching,

and who derive a sense of sufficiency from mere concentration fall by virtue of their pride into an inflated sense of themselves.

They will not escape from birth, aging, sickness, death, sorrow, lamentation, suffering, unhappiness, or perturbation;

they will not escape from the six realms of cyclic existence;

they will not escape from the aggregation of suffering.

With that in mind, the Tathagata said,

“Learning from others what is appropriate,

you will escape aging and death.”

Lamrim Chenmo Vol.3 Pg23L5-L17

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