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(b) How serenity and insight include all states of meditative concentration



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(b) How serenity and insight include all states of meditative concentration
The branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits of a tree are limitless, yet the core point at which they all come together is the root. As in this example, serenity and insight are the sublime core at which gathers all that the Buddha says about the limitless states of meditative concentration in Mahayana and Hinayana. The Sutra Unravelling the Intended Meaning states:
  Know that serenity and insight include all of the many aspects of the states of meditative concentration which I have taught for sravakas, bodhisattvas and tathagatas.

Therefore, since those who are intent on attaining meditative concentration cannot comprehend a limitless number of distinct forms, they should know well and always rely on the techniques for sustaining serenity and insight, the synthesis of all concentrations. Kamalasila’s third Stages of Meditation says:
  Although the Bhagavan therein presented distinct bodhisattva concentrations beyond number or measure, serenity and insight cover all of them. Therefore, we will discuss just that path which unites serenity and insight.

And, as stated in Kamalasila’s second Stages of Meditation:
  Since those two include all states of meditative concentration, all yogis should at all times definitely rely upon serenity and insight.

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