[Hope·Embark] Warm And Painstaking Efforts For Others Can Both Deliver Care 温心苦心皆可传递关爱

How can a heart become warm? Because that heart contains much compassion and gratitude. We must learn to use virtuous acts skilfully, use the compassion towards others to warm up our own hearts, only when the heart is warm can we then provide care to others easily. But a person whose heart is like a well holding bitter water, can he start to be nice to a child? Still can. Can he take care of the elderly? Still can. He can even become the only support for a small and pitiful stray animal. In the process of taking care of others, you will discover your own value – you can act virtuously, just like a stalk of flower, be it a bitter scent, sweet scent, or elegant scent, they are all fragrant and can all be delightful.

一颗心如何才能温热? 因为那心里蕴藏了许多慈悲和感恩。 我们一定要学会善于用善行,用对他人的慈悲,温暖自己的心;心里温暖了才容易给予别人关爱。 但是心像苦井一样的人,能不能开始对一个孩子好呢? 还是可以的。 可不可以照顾老人呢? 还是可以的。 甚至可以给一只流浪可怜的小动物,做唯一的依靠。 在照顾他人的过程中,会发现自己的价值 – 你是可以行善的;就如一朵花,或苦涩香,或甜香,或淡雅香,那皆是香气,皆可怡人。

《希望·新生》【四季法语】春 #27 Spring · Four Seasons Words of Wisdom [Hope·Embark]

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