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[Hope·Embark] Refuge Of Spiritual Storm 心灵风暴的庇护所

Just like when there is strong wind and heavy rain, birds will hide in the forest as if hiding in the arms of the mother. When the spiritual storm arrives, where can we hide? We must definitely hide in the teachings of the Buddha and bodhisattva, then we will obtain the coolness from it. That’s why the more dangerous the moment is, the more afflicted we are, the more we have to reminisce the teachings of the Buddha and the Bodhisattva.

就像大风雨来了,鸟都躲到树林里,好像躲进妈妈的怀抱一样,那心灵的风暴来了,我们要躲到哪里去? 一定是躲到佛菩萨的教言之中,这样就会得到清凉。 所以越是危险,越是烦恼的时候,越要去怀念佛菩萨的法语。

《希望·新生》【四季法语】秋 #219 Autumn · Four Seasons Words of Wisdom [Hope·Embark]

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