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[Hope·Embark] Defeat Suffering From The Beginning 从初发点击溃苦

When the sufferings we are experiencing are like the great turbulent waves in the ocean, it will be too late to work hard on it at this point. We should start practising when our hearts felt the slightest unhappiness, or the slightest sadness, by piercing and attacking the miserable sufferings with the spear of mindfulness.

当我们的苦受如大海的浊浪拍天,这时再用功就有点晚了。 要从心里开始有一丝丝的不悦,一丝丝的伤心时,就以正念之矛数数击刺我们的苦受。

《希望·新生》【四季法语】秋 #195 Autumn · Four Seasons Words of Wisdom [Hope·Embark]

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