Daily 1 Min Meditation 171109

【Relying on the Teacher】- Diamond Heart

【The attitude which is like a diamond. This means to make the relationship between teacher and student close and stable。】

Once you have found such a great teacher, mindfully rely on him – absolutely do not allow your ego to take over. Abide by him constantly. If you are able to do so, then you will advance. However, by that time, the concern will be the arising obstacles – once you are away from the teacher, this “self” of yours will become active again. When this “self” is active, the karma [that results in] contaminated cyclic existence will come again. Thus, at this time, the second step is being fearful of the inability to rely on the virtuous teacher. Thus, the steadfast mentality must be there so as to rely on the teacher and never to be apart [from him/her]. It has to be very strong, like a diamond. A diamond is able to break things but cannot be broken easily. So a true practitioner’s attitude to rely on the excellent teacher should be like a diamond, regardless of any situation.

Venerable Richang – English Lamrim Volume 1, P78



日常法师——17A 29:12~0:54手抄稿第三册P18-LL3

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