Daily 1 Min Meditation 171108

【Relying on the Teacher】- Why Did You Come Here?

Now we have all forsaken family enjoyment, forsaken this enjoyment, and have come here [to the monastery]. May [I] ask, “What for? Why did you come?” This, you have to clearly recognize, why did you come here? This should not be reminded by others; it is useless for others to tell you. You have to ask yourself, why? The reply: “I want to practice.” Why do you want to practice? What do you want to cultivate? This is the most important. Ah-ya! [We] think that it is a suffering world! Ah! Aye! Totally not sustainable! Some may say, “In my case, I truly feel that this samsaric world is good for nothing.” If we apply a proverb: “mindfully resolve cyclic existence.” (生死心切), why is there cyclic existence? [Due to] Afflictions, non-virtuous deeds! What is affliction? It is our current perception, recognized as ignorance, which you are constantly circling with. Now, since you aspire to be liberated from cyclic existence, and have come here, yet you still abide by your own afflictions – I want this, I want that. May [I] ask, is this cultivation? May [I] ask is this practice?

Venerable Richang – English Lamrim Volume 1, P78



日常法师——17A 18:55~20:14手抄稿第三册P13-L4


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