Daily 1 Min Meditation 171107

【Relying on the Teacher】- Observe Father’s Facial Expressions

Dutiful children do not initiate an action on their own, but instead, looking at their parents’ facial expressions, submit to their will and then do what they say.

What would a dutiful child normally do? He would not say I would do it this way or I want to do this. Not like that, he would first observe and understand his father’s wishes, what is his father’s preferences or what is his father’s dislikes; he would single-mindedly and diligently fulfill his father’s aspirations and abide by his father’s guidance to accomplish it. So the primary concept is not to follow our individual ideas, but to strive to follow the virtuous teacher whom we rely on. This is like the worldly dutiful child. The reference of the worldly is an analogy for us to experience it from the proper frame of mind.

Venerable Richang – English Lamrim Volume 1, P78



日常法师——17A 16:45~17:47手抄稿第三册P12-L5

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