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Daily 1 Min Meditation 170918

【Mind Intent on Liberation】- The cause of becoming a hungry ghost

Hence, what we normally have in our minds are these subjective aspects of attachment and hostility, and these are what will cause us to be reborn in hell or as hungry ghosts. Therefore, this is how you would suffer for numerous eons. At present, whenever possible, our intense attachment will arise. You will never be satiated. This is the type of mentality. Why would someone become a hungry ghost in the future? It is because of this. You can never be satisfied. For those who are attached, they act this way: ah, they take care of themselves with all the good things and they do not even care about others. Therefore, they cannot accumulate any merits. This is why they can never feel satisfied, and they have created the karma. That is why when he wants to eat, I am sorry! He cannot find food. This is it. That is why if at present you understand the relationship of cause and effect, you will clearly understand the state in which the effect takes place. Hence we should now spend more time to reflect and analyze. The only method is to stop it, to transform it.

Venerable Richang – English Lamrim Volume 1, P282



日常法师——70B 21:46~22:39手抄稿第九册P204 LL6

Drew Graham


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